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Our Farewell letter to our devotees…


So long, farewell…   It's with a full heart that we send a huge shoutout to our wonderful Devotees, whether you have been following along and supporting us throughout our 24 years or you are new to Spencer & Rutherford, we sincerely thank you for all the likes, the inspiration and your devotion to glamour!   Since our creation in 1999, we have created nearly 3000 different handbags, wallets, luggage and accessories. In a world of mass production, Spencer & Rutherford has managed to stay exclusive, with limited numbers and uniqueness at the heart of every design. Though iconic and much-loved silhouettes have returned each season, the particular fabrics and colour blends have never been repeated, making each Spencer & Rutherford piece, a truly rare find.   We’ve been featured in movies and on TV shows and we’ve been on the arms of famous celebrities. Our handbags and luggage have been on safari, visited Venice, and been to the top of the Eiffel Tower. From the early days visiting Paris, London and New York to sell our handbags on the International fashion scene, to exploring leather ateliers and fabric houses around the world to bring you the latest and most creative designs, we’ve enjoyed every minute.   We’ve had so much fun with you all, getting to know what you love about Spencer & Rutherford and designing more of your favourites, exploring new fabrics and colours every season and hearing about your adventures and special moments with our bags, but after 24 years of designing beautiful, glamourous, fun and colourful handbags, It’s time to say goodbye!   Thank you to each and every one of you for being loyal and devoted to Spencer & Rutherford glamour and encouraging us to design so many beautiful pieces. Keep remembering to express yourselves everyday with something unique and beautiful.  Watch this space, as you never know where we’ll pop up.   With Love Kim and the team, Spencer & Rutherford xo   Quote: "There's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall, and the bells in the steeple too... So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night. I hate to go and leave this pretty sight" - The Sound of Music.


And remember don't skip brunch with the girls! Grab your Spencer & Rutherford handbag, go out and seize the day! We are still and will always be DEVOTED TO GLAMOUR (and cake). ❤️


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