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A kaleidoscope of Mother Earth pigments in deep rust orange, olivey moss green, coffee and honey tones, and dreamy lilac merge together to create a beautiful feminine calm.

The Boheme Collection is for those who enjoy wearing earthy neutral tones, but love a vintage vibe.


Wander through nature's sanctuary shaded by tall trees of deep dark chocolate brown where glittering pops of fuchsia and teal glow and dance in the dappled light.

The Botanical Collection is reminiscent of ancient gardens overgrown by time but still glorious in their lushness.


That moment when the night kisses the sun goodbye, and the sky transitions into a hazy purple illuminated by silvery greys and the magic of black.

The Twilight Collection brings together beautiful and lustrous velvets and weaves with supple soft hand dyed leathers to create bags to swoon over.


Tea Party

A collection of all things pretty and feminine.

Be transported to a land of elusive butterflies, sensory fabrics and whimsical, delicate colours of blush pink, lily white, maroon and chocolate.


This luminous collection from a fantasy world is a heavenly feast for the eyes with radiant colours in misty blue, lily white, cinnamon brown and deep forest green. It is a collection you can’t help but fall in love with.


A collection of audacious blooms and boho weaves, these striking fabrics and free-spirited colours of poppy red, raspberry pink, rose, and lily white are a feast for the senses.

Star Dust

A tantalizing collection of vibrant fabrics and sumptuous leathers in colours of blush pink, lily white, smokey greens and chocolate brown. You’ll be enticed by this Spencer & Rutherford signature colour palette.

Garden of Eden

A collection for true romantics inspired by the Fields of Provence with elegant colours of lavender, dusk grey, lily white, misty blue, smokey green and the sharpness of black. The intricate detailing and mysterious highlights will delight and inspire you.


Fly Me Away

A collection of stunning romantic blooms and geometric prints in an array of pastel colours.


Delve into a world filled with prancing butterflies and let all your senses relish in the bouquets of flowers and lush velvet fabrics. A sea of hot pink and indigo blue leathers, makes the latest treasures from Spencer & Rutherford captivating.

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