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Prepare to be captivated and inspired by the handbags and wallets that to many, have become much like treasured pieces of three-dimensional art.

But be warned, there is no cure for a Spencer & Rutherford handbag addiction.

Since its creation in 1999, Spencer & Rutherford has stuck to its ethos, producing unique handbags, wallets and accessories, that observe trends, but also sit comfortably and deliberately outside of them. Crafted by hand from incredibly beautiful fabrics, trims and leathers, with endearing colour palettes, and unexpected detailing, each piece exudes a feeling of sophistication and glamour.

But look beyond the beauty of these incredible pieces and you will find thoughtful practicality and design that makes them easy to use every day.

Kim’s fashion ethos: Why wear something ordinary when you can express yourself with beauty and colour in an everyday item like a handbag or wallet!

Designer Kim Michaelides is no new comer to designing handbags, having been doing so for the brand since it's conception, right here in Melbourne. She is a style-savvy, creative, and forward-thinking individual with a dream to create beautiful products that reflect the incredible personalities of the fabulous women that wear them. 

In a world of mass production, Spencer & Rutherford has managed to stay exclusive, with no more than 100 of each product ever produced. Though iconic and much-loved silhouettes may return each season, the particular fabrics and colour blends are never to be repeated, making each Spencer & Rutherford piece, a truly rare find.

Oh, and our name... Spencer and Rutherford are both Kim's middle names, stemming from both her mother - a fashion designer, and her father - an architect. With a little bit of fashion and architecture in every bag, we feel the name is the perfect fit.

Creative Director Kim Michaelides pictured with model Lily and the Georgina Fiesta Limited Edition Handbag.

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