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Limited Edition Handbags


With no more than 100 pieces of each style made worldwide, it's no wonder we call our leather and fabric + leather handbags, 'Limited Editions'.  

A Limited Edition handbag is characterised by indulgent genuine leathers, exquisite European fabrics and trims, and finished with our signature Spencer & Rutherford pink lining.

Inside every Limited Edition handbag is a gold plaque, engraved with it's very own number ranging from 1-100, just like a piece of art. It is unique to that specific bag, giving it a charm and personality of it’s own.

Although a signature style may be re-imagined each season, the unique array of fabrics and colours featured in each collection will never be re-produced, making each one a real collectible. So, when you see a bag you love, be sure to snap it up to avoid the heart break of missing out. 

Looking to make sure your choice is a Limited Edition?

You will always be able to identify a Limited Edition bag whilst you are choosing your next style as it will always say in the description. Feel free to contact us via the Chat button to discuss further if you are looking for something in particular.

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