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Limited Edition Handbags


With no more than 100 pieces of each style made worldwide, it's no wonder we call our leather and fabric + leather handbags, 'Limited Editions'.  

A Limited Edition handbag is characterised by indulgent genuine leathers, exquisite European fabrics and trims, and finished with our signature Spencer & Rutherford pink lining.

Inside every Limited Edition handbag is a gold plaque, engraved with it's very own number ranging from 1-100, just like a piece of art. It is unique to that specific bag, giving it a charm and personality of it’s own.

Although a signature style may be re-imagined each season, the unique array of fabrics and colours featured in each collection will never be re-produced, making each one a real collectible. So, when you see a bag you love, be sure to snap it up to avoid the heart break of missing out. 

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HEDI Tote Bag - Fiesta


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