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1st Edition Handbags

For women who understand the illicit pleasure of handbag addiction, our individually numbered Limited Edition Handbags are the ultimate gift to covet and collect and for those who love a truly rare possession make yours a 1st Edition. Spencer & Rutherford 1st Edition handbags are divinely coveted and lusted after by handbag connoisseurs, as they are the very first bag ever made of each design from a Limited Edition collection.

A 1st edition is a wonderful rarity. With a gold plaque reading ‘001 of 100’ and a certificate of authenticity, a Spencer & Rutherford 1st Edition is the ultimate collectible and is sure to become your favourite treasured heirloom in years to come. A 1st Edition also makes a truly wonderful gift for someone who loves Spencer & Rutherford handbags, or just loves very special handbags. Your gift will be truly unique!

The 1st Edition handbag also comes with the option to personalise it with a message on the inside and/or have it signed by our Designer Kim Michaelides.

If you are purchasing a 1st Edition handbag and you would like a personal message written on the inside, please email us at following your order placement, to advise your requirements.

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