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1st Edition Handbags

Spencer & Rutherford 1st Edition handbags are coveted and lusted after by handbag connoisseurs, as they are the very first bag ever made of each design from a Limited Edition collection.

A 1st edition is a wonderful rarity. With a gold plaque reading ‘001 of 100’ and a certificate of authenticity, a Spencer & Rutherford 1st Edition is the ultimate collectible and is sure to become your favourite treasured heirloom in years to come. A 1st Edition also makes a truly wonderful gift for someone who loves Spencer & Rutherford handbags, or just loves very special handbags. Your gift will be truly unique!

The 1st Edition handbag also comes with the option to personalise it with a message on the inside and/or have it signed by our designer Kim Michaelides.

If you are purchasing a 1st Edition handbag and you would like a personal message written on the inside, or would like your item gift wrapped, please email us at following your order placement, to advise your requirements, or leave a message in the notes section in your Shopping Cart.

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