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  • The Tote for Spring

    Nov 08 2019


  • Be truly unique

    Nov 04 2019

      For women who understand the illicit pleasure of handbag addiction. Our individually numbered Limited Edition Handbags are the ultima...

  • Cup Day Inspiration

    Oct 18 2019

    Spotlight: The Gypsy Collection. Looking for the perfect accessory to make your outfit pop? Look no further. This se...

  • What to Wear: Derby Day

    Oct 15 2019

    Looking for some race day inspiration? Wear a simple black or white outfit and amp up your style with a gorgeous handbag from our Gard...

  • Back in Red.

    Oct 12 2019

          You never forget the classics. Georgina is back for another season, and brand new as ever.   SHOP GEORGINA

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